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October 18, 2019

FASTGenomics goes Jupyter

FASTGenomics is developing! We have completely redesigned the look and feel of the platform and switched our analyses to the more interactive and flexible Jupyter notebooks. The reason for this switch is that we got a lot of feedback regarding our analysis structure. It turned out that the scientific and technological developments were just too fast to keep track with a static apps and workflow system. One the one hand, new data formats and sequencing technologies required constant updates of the complete workflows. On the other hand, we found that our users desired a more interactive and exploratory way of analysing their data.

With Jupyter notebooks FASTGenomics is now more flexible than ever. We added support for several new data formats (see our recent blog post). Also users have the possibility to exploratively check and analyse their data before sending out complex batch jobs to analyse the bulk of their data. This step toward interactive analysis is an ongoing process and we will keep you updated on the developments. You will see several improvements happening in the next months and we would love to hear how you like it. Just drop us a line.

The new FASTGenomics is accessible via In order to have the most helpful and awesome features on the new FASTGenomics platform, we are actively asking for feedback! Please get in touch with us, if you would like to shape the ongoing development, suggest new features and critize what you don’t like. Your contribution and your feedback would be highly appreciated.

Please note that the old version of FASTGenomics ( will be closed soon – approximately at the end of October.