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Our Experts from Biology and AI

FASTGenomics Team

The researchers and data scientists working for FASTGenomics combine their expert knowledge from the fields of Computer Science, Biology, Physics, Mathematics and Machine Learning to create a synergistic experience. No matter what the question is or where your problem is founded: we have the specialists to realize a successful project with you and your company.

FASTGenomics is a spin-off from Comma Soft AG, Bonn, and collaborates with the Schultze lab of the Life and Medical Science Institute of the University of Bonn, Germany. We thus combine the excellence and experience of IT and Data Science Consulting with the latest insights from cutting-edge research.

FASTGenomics Team Lead


Team Lead @LifeScience

As a team leader of Life Science at Comma Soft, Henning manages FASTGenomics and the scientific consulting portfolio for our customers. Henning has a PhD in Physics from the University of Bonn with applications in neuroscience. He worked on the data-driven characterization of complex dynamical systems, mostly on the particularly rich example of the human epileptic brain, by developing and applying nonlinear time series analysis techniques including information theory and machine learning.

Your contact persons at FASTGenomics for topical questions


Head of Analytics

Benedikt did his PhD in Medical Genetics at the Erdmann lab at the University of Lübeck. He is the head of analytics at FASTGenomics and has strong ties to many research labs around the globe. As a Scientific Consultant he manages projects with our customers in the Pharma sector.


Academic Projects

Michael coordinates the academic projects and is an expert in the inference of coupling and causality in complex systems. He did his PhD in Space Physics at the University of Cologne with application in plasma turbulence and then moved to the field of Neuroscience with focus on dynamical resting state networks.

More data scientists, developers, consulting and AI experts

The team of FASTGenomics consists of many more people, each one an expert in her and his field. Thus, we can always provide the highest quality service and deliver exactly what you need. We offer expertise in project management, data science, software development, consulting solutions and machine learning. To get the best people for your job we can tap into a large pool of professionals at Comma Soft.

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